Maury’s Tiny Cove: Food Art, Bathroom Art

Food preparation and service is just as much an art as painting, sculpting, singing, designing, etc. When I came to understand this, it sure made me feel ever so much better about myself because I could not sing nor draw beyond a 6 year old level, but I sure could make food look fun, pretty, edible and a host of other ‘artsy’ things. And, I appreciate that same talent in sooooooo many others! This is likely the impetus for my delight in taking photos of food offerings and the art within the food service establishment.

I was immeasurably impressed with the very first offering from Maury’s Tiny Cove, as each diner was presented with a hugh, two fisted warm yeast roll delivered in an individual soup bowl, The rolls filled the bowls and had to be pried out to eat, their size reminiscent of the gigantic popovers one can find at The Jordan Pond House in Bar Harbor, ME or Anton’s in St. Cloud, MN. While not as sweet as a popover might be and not as dense as those made by my mother on an almost weekly basis while I was growing up, these were aesthetically delicious, warm puffs of love that each individual devoured in silent reverence. I am convinced that one could simply order more rolls for the main course and dessert and not leave disappointed or hungry!

Next up was one of the appetizer selections for one of the participants in this dinner. Since Maury’s is known as a steakhouse, primarily, and for their seafood options, secondarily, it was only reasonable to find myself in the company of determined carnivores: meaning meat, lots of meat, the redder, the better. I am not a fan of most red meats and especially not served still red in any way. So it is quite obvious that I did not order, nor partake, of this artistic serving of beef carpaccio, but I surely appreciated the artistic food display. Doesn’t it just look like a big nosed, big eyed, multi-toothed pink monster? I wonder where the creators of Monsters, Inc. got their inspirations? Food, perhaps?

The main course I selected that night, turkey club with sides, was purely by chance as I had selected at least 5 options from the menu, one at a time while going through it. The turkey club sandwich was the last item I came to just as I was asked for my order! I had onion straws and peanut coleslaw with my sandwich and was fully sated for hours. The sandwich was exactly what it should have been, piled high with turkey, crispy bacon and fresh veggies, but the onion straws were already quite cool long before they arrived at the table. I suspect this was because we ordered as a group of 10 and they wanted to serve everyone at once, so some things became too cool before others were ready. As for the peanut slaw, it was a very sugary/vinegary concoction that lacked the peanut punch and I much prefer a creamier slaw. Not worry, though, there were numerous other options for sides that I will try out later, as plans are already in the works for a return trip. I only hope they are still offering the Wedge Salad still to go with my lobster tail or rib dinner. I may even go all out and get a rib/lobster combo dinner!


An additional form of art I have come to appreciate in the various restaurants in the area is found during a requisite visit to the ladies room and Maury’s did not disappoint. Numerous posters and framed cards and plaques adorn the walls warning visitors of bad habits, the humor of God or, my personal favorites: “The waiting room at the free clinic is actually more fun than you might think… But still, avoid things that wind you up in the free clinic” and “Foot High Melons”.


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