Brothers Bar & Grill

Tonight an already scheduled casual dinner with friends is providing the fodder for my very first blog/tweet posting from the all new Taste of Cincy moniker. Since the driver and inviter, Diana, had mentioned heading to Newport on the Levee and finding an outdoor dining option, my mind immediately went with my taste memories of the succulent pillows of deep fried cheese curds I had once enjoyed at Brothers Bar & Grill, and the name just popped out of my head.


Having already fully enjoyed the aforementioned cheese curds and, since it was still well over 95 degrees outside at 7pm, it was easy to opt for trying other, cooler options on the menu, i.e. sandwiches and wraps. We started with a shared appetizer of spinach artichoke dip with jalepeno peppers on top. Going with the need to cool off, I ate around the slices of peppers laid across the top and truly enjoyed the dip thick with veggies and cheese, slightly flavored with the hot pepper essence. Paired with a chilled Domain Ste Michelle Reisling, it was ‘cool’ enough to eat.


Of course the chilled wine allowed me to consider all sandwich options and, once I stumbled on a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich which fit most delightfully into a recent dream of eating ribboned bacon on a stick, I did select a warm sandwich. A triple layer sandwich on slightly toasted sourdough with two fillings of crisy bacon, fried egg and American cheese served with lightly seasoned, freshly made potato chips. It was ooey, gooey perfection with just enough crunch!


Alesia posed in her ‘Pretty in Pink’ décolletage with her well chilled beer as we passed a spendid evening listening to the music wafting over the river from the Party in the Park at Sawyer Point, featuring the group Stays in Vegas (the Vegas neon cowboy was also a feature of the aforementioned bacon dream sequence) and the occasional boat cruising by on the river. The temperature dropped down to 92 before we left so, next time it is this hot, we will plan to arrive at this destination a little later.

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Newport on the Levee
Brothers Bar & Grill
Party in the Park


One thought on “Brothers Bar & Grill

  1. A sloppy joe restaurant? Well, I suppose I would at least try it. Have not had those in so many years… YIKES

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